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[Freshbell] Yogurt Pong Dang 3 In 1 [Freshbell] Yogurt Pong Dang 3 In 1
[Freshbell] Yogurt Pong Dang 3 In 1
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[Freshbell] Yogurt Pong Dang 3 In 1

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Freeze Drying Healthy Chips ♡ Recommend for whole family as a healthy snack


" Blueberry "

American Blueberry

47.76% Best Grade Real Fruit


" Strawberry "

Korean Strawberry

47.76% Fresh and Sweet Strawberry grow in fertile land


" Plain Yogurt "

Korean Fresh Milk

Sterilized fresh milk from local farms


☼ 4 million live probiotics

☼ Cube shape for easy grip

☼ No flavoring or coloring

☼ Fiber, vitamin, potassium, and potato starch

☼ Use fresh Korea milk


✓ Drying method by removing the water only from the raw material at 40C below zero, to best preserve the nutrients, taste, color and fragrance of the fruit.


❀ 1 bite size

❀ Minimize the loss of nutrient by freeze drying method

❀ Crispy outside, melts in mouth

❀ Finger food snack for kids

❀ Zipper sealed bag packing design

❀ Easy to carry and eat


Note > store in cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight/heat

Once open, seal tight in the zipper bag