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Klugg Food Purifier | Restorative Food Delicious

👉Deeply remove pesticide residues
👉Quickly decompose hormones
👉Efficiently kill mold

Innovative Technology ★ Titanium alloy electrolytic mesh
Food Purification ★ Meat, vegetable and grains are usable
Split Design ★ Fast efficiency on multiple occasions
Desk & Wall Use ★ Does not occupy space
Preset Function ★ No supervision during purification
Efficient Dual Network ★ Increase purification area

Traditional cleaning hidden danger
- Virus, Germ, Pesticide Residues, Hormone, Antibiotic, Escherichia Coli

Oxhydryl water ion molecular | purification technology ONLY 15 MINS

"Separate Design"
The separate design of the use machine and the host is different from the traditional food purifier. There is no need to clean the whole machine, which reduces the burden and is suitable for various scene appliances.

"Dual-use not take up space"
Small size, can be wall mounted or placed on the table
No installation, no punching, no countertop space

Voltage : 8-20V
Cleaning Capacity : 7L
Product Weight : 1.5KG
Product Size : 333x128x58mm